Atom Muscle WPA 70 – Pear in Carmel


Atom Muscle WPA 70 is a product containing protein made of curd cheese, which means that from the very beginning you can pay attention to, among other things, the taste that stands out from other proteins, namely it is slightly acidic which gives it a more pronounced taste. WPA is a great choice if you want to focus on building muscle mass and reducing body fat, and what is very important DOES NOT CONTAIN LACTOSE.

The WPA product is spiecially midified whey proteins so that they bring even greater benefits in comparison to whey proteins served directly.

The greatest adventage of Acidophilic whey proteins is reduced immunoreactivity. We live in a polluted environment, our bodies are constantly exposed to oxidative stress, which increases the risk of diseases including various types of allergies. Whey proteins in use may cause allergy problems. The fermentation process significantly redyces the immunoreactivity of whey proteins. The use of such modified proteins becomes safer and reduces the risk of allergies.

More and more people are suffering from lactose intointolerance which makes it difficult for them to use a concentrate of milk proteins. Ultrafiltration and diafiltration processes used in the production of protein concentrates are unable to completely remove this polysaccharide. The lactic acid microorganisms come with help again. During fermentation, lactose is hydrolyzed to simple sugars which are very easily absorbed by the body and do not give gastric discomfort.

Properties Atom Muscle WPA 70:

  • High protein content
  • Increased bioavailability of protein
  • Reduced lactose content – natural elimination through fermentation
  • Improving gastric comfort while consuming WPA – based nutrients
  • Partial distribution of proteins into individual amino acids, and thus a richer aminogram compared to the traditional WPC
  • Less allergenicity of proteins subjected to lactic fermentation
  • An aditional source of calcium
  • Low fat, carbohydrates
  • A good source of Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • It works anabolically – supports the building of pure muscle mass
  • It works anti-catabolic – prevents muscle breakdown


1-serving 30g (1.5 scoops) mix in 200-250ml of water or milk. Use 1-3 servings daily. On workout days: the first portion immediately after waking up, the second portion after training and the third portion before going to sleep. On non-workout days: drink the first portion after waking up, the second portion between meals and the third portion before going to bed. Do not exceednthe recommended daily intake dose.


Whey protein concentrate from milk (derived from dairy products acidified with live cultures of lactic acid bacteria), emulsifier: soya lecithin, color: beetroot or beta-carotene for fruit flavors, thickeners: carboxymethylcellulose, guar gum, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame-K.

Nutrition information:

  • Net weight of packaging: 700g
  • Servings per container: 23
  • Serving size in the package: 30g
Wartości odżywcze (Nutrition fact) 100g 30g
Wartość energetyczna ( Energy Value) 390kcal/1632kJ 117 kcal/489kJ
Tłuszcz ( Fat) 6,6g 1,98g
– w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone ( Saturated fatty acid) 2,30g 0,69g
Węglowodany (Carbohydrates) 4,70g 1,41g
– w cukry (Sugars) 3,90g 1,17g
Białko s.m. ( Protein D.M) 71,00g 21,3g
Sól (Salt) 0,60 0,18g
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