SET: Vitamin Power, Omega 3, Ashwagandha 10%


THIS IS A SET: : Vitamin Power it is a complex 14 Vitamins and 11 Minerals 180 caps, Omega 3 148 caps, Ashwagandha 10% 180 caps is 37,5 mg Withanolides in one serving.


Atom Witamin Power is the highest quality composition of vitamins and minerals which are delivered in a properly selected dose to support our body as much as possible. The complex contains, among others, vitamins D3, A, C and also cooper, selenium and  zinc, which perfectly support our immune system. The composition of our product also includes B1 vitamin, which supports the proper functioning of the heart and magnesium which helps in the proper functioning of our heart muscle. Our complex also contains Calcium, which combined with D3 vitamin and Magnesium support the proper muscle functioning.

Optimal level of B1 vitamin and niacin support the proper energy metabolism.

Zinc is another mineral in the composition of our dietary supplement. It helps maintain normal fertility and improves reproductive functions. It also helps to maintain the proper level of testosterone in the blood.

E vitamin also known as vitamin of youth, slows down the aging process of the skin.

Molybdenum which can be found in the human body in trace amounts, but still it has a very important meaning in organism, among others things, it enables the production of enzymes that are necessary for the absorption of fats and sugars, so it is needed to provide the cells with energy.

Selenium, which has many properties, including:

  • lowering the risk of heart disease,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • reduces the symptoms of asthma,
  • increases fertility,
  • supports the proper functioning of the thyroid gland,
  • prevents memory loss,
  • supports the immune system

In the composition we can also find vitamins from group B (B1, B2, B6, B12) which in combination with Manganese, Magnesium and Phosphorus contribute to maintenance of proper energy metabolism.

Iron which helps in the proper transport of oxygen in organisms and also copper which helps in the proper transport of iron.

B2, B6, B12 vitamins combined with Pantothenic Acid and Folic Acid contribute to reduce the feeling of tiredness and weariness.

Iodine supports the proper functioning of the thyroid glans and also the production of thyroid hormones.

B-carotene has a special importance for the eyes and skin condition and general strengthening of the organism. It is B-carotene which is responsible for the production of vitamin A in our body.

Next is chromium which helps in acceleration of the process of burning fat tissue and also suppresses the so-called ravenous appetite, in other words, it supports weight loss.

The complex also contains Phosphorus, Biotin and vitamin K.

Phosphorus has many important functions in our organism and is responsible for the mineralization of bones and joints.

Biotin among other things, takes part in synthesis of fatty acids and also in our product you can find Vitamin K which has influence on blood clotting, but it is not the only process in which vitamin K is involved, namely some studies have shown that the proper concentration of vitamin K in organism is an important factor in context of anti-cancer prophylaxis.


Properties of Atom Witamin Power:

  • Support for immunity
  • Support for a Healthy Heart,
  • Support for Healthy Muscles,
  • Energy support for our body


Recommended use:

Take a serving of 2 capsules twice a day between meals.


Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Niacin, Iron, Iodine, B-carotene, Pantothenic acid, Zinc, Selenium, Biotin, Copper, Chromium, Manganese, Folic Acid, Molybdenum

Capsule shell: water, gelatine, anti-caking agents – magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.

Nutritional information:

Number of capsules in the package: 180

The number of portions in the package: 90

Serving size in the package: 2 caps.


Jedna Porcja Zawiera mg %RWS**
Fosfor 250 mg 36%
Wapń 324 mg 42%
Magnez 200 mg 54%
Witamina C 160 mg 200%
Witamina E 24 mg 200%
Niacyna 32 mg 200%
Żelazo 10 mg 72%
Jod 200 uq 134%
B-caroten 2,4 mg 8%
Kwas Pantotenowy 10 mg 166%
Cynk 10 mg 100%
Witamina A 1200 uq 200%
Witamina K 60 uq 80%
Selen 50 uq 92%
Biotyna 100 uq 200%
Miedź 2 mg 200%
Chrom 56 uq 140%
Mangan 2 mg 100%
Witamina B12 5 uq 200%
Kwas Foliowy 400 uq 200%
Witamina D3 10 uq 200%
Witamina B6 2,8 mg 200%
Witamina B2 2,8 mg 200%
Witamina B1 2,2 mg 200%
Molibden 50 uq 100%

Properties of ATOM Omega- 3:

  • Relieves Inflammation,
  • Improves mental condition,
  • Improves physical condition,
  • Reduces LDL calcification,
  • Lowers Triglycerides,
  • Helps in lowering blood pressure,
  • Supports eyesight,
  • Maintaining healthy bones
  • Supports fat burning


Recommended use:

Take a serving (2 capsules) and wash down with 150 ml of water or juice. Use 2 times daily. First serving in the morning after getting up, 30 min. before breakfast, 2nd serving 30min before dinner or going to bed



Fish oil (anchovies), shell component – gelatin, humectant – glycerol, water; D-alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E).


Nutritional information:

  • Number of capsules in the package: 148 pcs.
  • Number of portions in the package: 74
  • Serving size in the package: 2 caps.
Substancje aktywne/ Nutrition fact 2000 MG %RSW**
 Skoncentrowany olej rybi /
Concentrated fish oil
2000 mg
EPA ( Kwas Eikozapentaenowy) 400 mg
DHA ( Kwas Dokozaheksaenowy) 268 mg
Wit. E (D-Alfa-Tokoferylu) /  Vitamin E 10,2 mg 84,65%



ATOM ASHWAGANDHA is the highest quality product containing 375mg of pure Ashwagandha in one serving, of which 37,5 mg are Withanolides. Its main aim is to support the work of our nervous system, strengthen the immune system, improve the quality of our sleep, increase the physical efficiency of our organism, help in the proper mental functioning, reduce blood sugar, relieve stress and help protect the liver. Package of ATOM ASHWAGANDHA contains 180 servings.

A number of studies have shown that Ashwagandha has a very good influence on our organism when supplementing it. One of the most important reason for using it is its beneficial effect on the functioning of our nervous system, including the brain. Especially attention is paid to strengthening abilities to learn and concentrate. It also strengthens our immune system and this is because of high content of substances such as Withanolides.

Withanolides are chemical compounds whose properties indicate antibacterial and anti-cancer properties and hence help us to fight infections in our organism.

Research on ASHWAGANDHA confirms that it helps lower the level of low-density lipoproteins so LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Scientists have discovered that regular consumption of ashwagandha improves the quality of our sleep. The substances contained in it help relieve anxiety and also reduce the amount of cortisol that our organism secretes. In addition Ashwagandha has a hepatoprotective effect, in other words, it has the ability to protect liver cells against harmful and poisonous substances.

Ashwagandha in sport – research related to physical activity often confirms that regular use of ashwagandha helps to significantly increase the muscle mass and strength of our body. From tests carried out on athletes who have been using ashwagandha regularly there was found a significant increase in the OXYGEN BASE. The oxygen base is our body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Its use also has a positive effect on our body in terms of reducing tension and anxiety associated with excessive stress.

Fertility – during the regular use of Ashwagandha, it was observed that it has a very good effect on the improvement of fertility in men and hence sperm show much greater activity and mobility, thus increasing their ability to fertilize the eggs.


 Properties of ATOM ASHWAGANDHA:

  • Supports the nervous system
  • Supports the immune system
  • Has a calming effect (FIGHTS STRESS),
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves endurance and performance (OXYGEN BASE)
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol
  • Supports the improvement of fertility in men
  • Protects the liver
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Increases strength


Recommended use:

Take a serving (1 capsule) and wash down with 150 ml of water or juice. Use 1 time daily. Take the serving between meals.



75% Ashwagandha, Filling substance: Maltodextrin. Capsule ingredients: water, gelatin, anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.


Nutritional information:

  • Number of portions in the package: 180 caps.
  • Serving size: 1 capsule
Wartości odżywcze / Nutrition fact 1 caps
Ashwagandha 375 mg
–          w tym 10%  witanolidy/  including  10% withanolides 37,5 mg


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