Vitamin C 1000 + Synefryna – 365 caps


Vitamin C 1000 + Synephrine is a combination of ascorbic acid (vit.C) with a maximum dose of 20 mg of synephrine (bitter orange extract) in one serving. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals that damage skin cells and are responsible for the ageing process. It protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays, participates in the synthesis of collagen and L-carnitine, and supports our immune system. Synephrine is a substance belonging to the so-called Thermogenics, in other words, a substance that facilitates fat burning in our body. The task of our product is to protect the immune system, strengthen and protect the skin against harmful UV rays and increase the reduction of fat tissue.

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Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is essential for our organism. The fact is that the human body can’t synthesize it on its own, it is why we need to provide it externally. It enables enzymes to function properly in many chemical reactions. Takes part, among others in the synthesis of collagen, L-carnitine and some hormones. The production of collagen is one of the most important functions of Vitamin C. We cannot forget about its role in the antioxidant process. Ascorbic acid is one of the most popular antioxidant substances that fight free radicals. Free radicals are harmful molecules that can damage important structures such as proteins and DNA. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, neutralizes their excess. The properties of vitamin C are also associated with increased iron absorption. This is important information especially for people who suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Taking iron supplements together with vitamin C increases the absorption of the iron. Ascorbic acid also supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and has an effect on the immune system.


Synephrine is a substance belonging to thermogenics, in other words it accelerates the burning of adipose tissue. This substance is obtained from Bitter Orange. It activates lipolysis which is the process of fat breakdown. In addition, it improves the body’s efficiency by increasing blood pressure and improving blood circulation, increasing heart capacity and expanding the bronchi.


Properties of Vitamin C 1000 + Synephrine:

  • Strengthening the immune system,
  • Strengthening the skin,
  • It improves the body’s efficiency,
  • Skin protection against UV rays,
  • Fighting free radicals,
  • Increasing collagen production,
  • Support for the nervous system,
  • Increasing the absorption of iron,
  • Reduction of excessive fat tissue


Recommended use:

Take a portion of 1 capsule and wash down with 250 ml of water or juice. Use 1 time daily. Take a portion between meals. Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), Synephrine.


Nutritional information:

  • Number of portions in the package: 365
  • Serving size in the package: 1 capsule


Wartości odżywcze / Nutrition fact 1 caps
Wit. C (kwasL-askorbinowy) / Vit. C (L-ascorbic acid) 1000 mg
Synephrine 20 mg


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