Atom HULK Creatine Stack – Tropical Flavor


ATOM HULK –  is nothing else than a powerful composition of 3 well-absorbed forms of creatine: TCM(Tri-Creatine Malate), Creatine HCL and  tri-creatine citrate. Due to this combination we can get even better results and even better strength increase and lean muscle mass and at the same time reduction of water-retention. In the composition of the product there is also Taurine, which is responsible for additional stimulation and is also a fantastic transporter of creatine thanks to this absorption has been increased to maksimum.

ATOM HULK –  is the highest quality product, which is the perfect choice if we are thinking about the purest possible product for our organism and at the same time fast and safe increase in strength and in lean muscle mass. Recommended for people who train intensively in the strength and mass building period. It increases the growth of ATP energy. Fat free increase in muscle mass due to increased strength of combined with each other proper forms of creatine with better digestibility than a simple monohydrate. Additionally supported by amino acid  TAURINE, which increases absorption to maksimum. Product has also a stimulating effect and improves the sensibility of cells for glucose and insulin and due to this is such a great transporter that facilitates the absorption of creatine into our cells. Every serving of the product contains 5g of pure creatine, which improves efficiency and intensivity of our workout. All of this thanks to the combination of carefully selected forms of creatines: tri-creatine malate, creatine HCL and tri-creatine citrate.


Properties of Atom Muscle ATOM HULK:

  • Stimulates the organism, reducing fatigue and sleepiness
  • Supports the reduction of fat tissue
  • Helps to increase concentration and endurance of the organism
  • Supports mental and physical activity
  • Accelerates regeneration
  • It increases efficiency of our organism


Recommended use:

Dissolve a single serving of the product –  7g (1 scoop) in  100-150ml of water or juice. On workout days take one serving a day 30 min. before or immediately after training. On non-workout days: take one serving a  day in the morning after waking up. Consume immediately after preparation.



Tri creatine Malate, creatine hydrochloride, creatine citrate, taurine, aromas, acidity regulator: citric acid, beta-carotene or red from beets for fruit flavours, sweetener – sucralose, acesulfame k.


Nutritional information:

  • Net package weight: 420g
  • Portions in the package: 60
  • Serving size in the package: 7g
Substancje aktywne/ Nutrition fact 100g  (10g)mg  (7g) mg
cytrynian kreatyny/ creatine citrate 30 g 3000 mg 2100 mg
Jabłczan kreatyny/ creatine malate 25 g 2500 mg 1750 mg
Chlorowodorek kreatyny/ creatine hydrochloride 20g 2000 mg 1400 mg
Tauryna 18,6g 1860 mg 1302 mg


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